CoVenture helps founders design and build their first or second product release in exchange for equity. We also commonly invest $20,000 in cash and provide guidance to help validate product-market fit.

Our team consists of four general partners (Mike, Jamil, Thatcher & Ali) as well as 40 engineers with full stack web, mobile and UI/UX capabilities.

We invest in founders who hold deep domain expertise (we look for founder-market fit) and seek companies that have strong revenue models (we don’t invest in ad-supported businesses).

We then help our companies raise follow-on capital and bring their tech teams in-house. Often, while a company works with us, we pair the founders with senior engineers in our network to act as their advisor along the way.

[5'9", ~170 lbs, male, New York, NY]. I blog about investing. And usually about things I’ve learned the hard way. Opinions are my own, not CoVenture’s

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