Is This Meeting Mission Critical?

In the beginning of the year I promised myself I’d take less meetings. So far I’ve failed.

Today I started at 7 am and haven’t gotten through my day’s email yet (it’s 10 pm).

I’m doing something wrong—and it’s related to spending too much of my day in meetings, and it’s related to not saying “no” to enough things that aren’t mission critical.

When I think about my time I’ve realized I have 5 priorities at CoVenture (not necessarily in order):

(1) Helping our companies with product

(2) Finding new companies to invest in

(3) Diligincing those companies

(4) Helping our companies raise downstream financing

(5) Managing our investors

Other things that are less high on the priority list include:

  • Hiring new people to our team
  • Recruiting people to our portfolio companies
  • Sourcing BD opportunities for our companies
  • Doing marketing for CoVenture
  • Helping a friend for no reason at all, because somehow helping people always comes back around
  • Learning new things/reading/etc.
  • Administrative work (like accounting, yes, I still use excel to do our books)
  • Contract stuff/Paperwork stuff

So I need to Keep Trying to Eliminate Items

  • I am no longer going to communicate with anyone over a medium other then email. It takes too long to type on my phone and having more than one medium to respond to is overwhelming
  • I will only take meetings if they fall into a category of mission critical (one of my five priorities). I will give myself 2–3 meetings per week max for any meetings that fall outside of those 5 items
  • I will stop responding to emails if they don’t pertain to those 5 priorities and are from someone not on CoVenture’s team, or are not my family members

Let’s see if any of this works…

[5'9", ~170 lbs, male, New York, NY]. I blog about investing. And usually about things I’ve learned the hard way. Opinions are my own, not CoVenture’s

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