Walmart Should Definitely Buy TikTok

Walmart should buy TikTok — it’s obvious.

Amazon uses its content as a lead generation tool for Amazon Prime. What’s amazing for Amazon is that the company doesn’t need to make a profit on its content — but rather it just needs to use the content to drive shoppers to a prime subscription.

Walmart will be able to use TikTok to do the same. TikTok is already becoming a media company as opposed to being a social media business— the fact that they have their $200M fund to finance talent and encourage them to be exclusive to their platform proves it.

UGC kinda sucks — we all ruined the social apps with our crappy content. So the content will become increasingly professional.

And as soon as Walmart buys TikTok, they’ll increase the $200M fund to a $1B fund, or whatever. And then Insta will announce a $2B fund, and so on. And what happened in the streaming wars to fight for content and talent will happen in the social wars.

It’s all just obvious — Walmart needs TikTok to kick off its media business.

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